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Quick Menu (Not too well-known?) Feature


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Hey guys. A while back I made a thread talking about how I got a quick-menu option to show up that showed a players current Crew and a quick link to their gamercard, and nobody could tell me how I did it, but last night I figured it out. All you have to do is aim at somebody and while you're aiming at them, you hold select and then voila there you go. At the bottom of the quick menu you'll find those options. Not really something big but some players might not know about it. OH, and as usual, sorry if there is an identical thread, I couldn't find one. Cheers :)

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Hold on, lemme kill this poor fellow and i'll let you know.


Edit: No it does not. Poor guy. :(


Double Edit: I'm trying to get a pic for proof but it's hard to aim at somebody without them shooting back. Doesn't help that there are 3 tanks camping LSC


Triple Edit: Turns out, if you're not friends, instead of gamercard quick link its a quick friend request.


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