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TBOA:1st November 1954 (part one)

Akram menacer

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Akram menacer


Hi its so good this mission of course

here are the mission's details

1.the seargent talks to his unit
2.takes the cars
3.go to the desert base
4.talk with the general patrick
5.getting ready
6.go to the french base
7.kill the first army of french
8.to be continued
so here is the statistics :
Mission Statistics

here is the link of the mission:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/30908

your great feedback is going to make part 2 ;THANKS

please rate this mission and comment and share it with your freinds

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I think its one mission pack but he is making a thread for each mission.


I guess.

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Man, I will give you a little tip, the mission it's cool and I liked it, but you shouldn't upload to the forums every mission you make. You should make a more descriptive and ordered topic for an specific mission pack

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Akram menacer

OH now i get it when i make an mission pack i just upload it all missions here,okay ill do it right

BUT thanks for the feedback

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u liked this one ?

Tell you what man. You need to make missions slowly, and they need to be good. If they're made slowly, and good, then people will like you, even if it's one mission, but a good one.

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Huzaifa khan

Nice work akram :)

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