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Thumbnails, Youtube Banner, and Channel look advice!


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Hey, I want to share with you my experience on how to make your Youtube channel look great!
But I'm also looking for your advice, so let's help eachother!

First of all, your videos need great thumbnails!

Have a look at my latest thumbnail for my newest video:

It isn't that hard to get a thumbnail like this!
I use Sony Vegas 12 to make my videos and thumbnails.
Here's what I did:

First I took a solid color background (yellowish).
Next, I added a picture of rays that I got from Google, and I used color correction and color balance to make it darker yellow.
Then I took a picture in GTA 5 at the golf track, and made sure the background was green (grass). I used paint to remove all unnecesary objects and colors.
Back to Sony Vegas, I used a chroma keyer to remove the grass and surroundings, so all that remains are the characters itself.
I used pan/crop to rotate and adjust the position of the characters.
I put some simple text on top of that, as well at the GTA V logo and DONE! There's a thumbnail.

This isn't the best thumbnail, but it shows you how easy it is. I did this in 20 minutes or so.

If you want a good looking channel, you need a great banter and logo!
Here's my YouTube channel, have a look at the banter and logo.


It pretty basic, but still has a quality look to it, if I may say so myself.
There are many channels out there with far better looking banters and logos, but it doesn't have to be too special to look good.
Something simple like I have will do.
I didn't need any professional software, I made the text and logo with Microsoft Word and paint!

Of course, I'm looking for your advice as well, so let me know what you think of my banter/logo/thumbnails and give me your advice! :D

Let me know if you need help and I'll try to answer all your questions

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that thumbnail is looking great. well done, BTW, i make these thumbnails by Photoshop and edit videos by WWM ( :/ ). like some of my these videos, ( they are made with picasa and very simple )







By the way, can you tell me the perfect dimensions of a youtube channel cover required? so that i could make an cover art of only that size.? that would be appreciated .

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Moved to visual arts. Suits better here.


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Definitely good advice! It makes your channel look smart and gets views, nobody is gonna click on a randomly generated thumb. Here's one i did for a montage recently.




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Also, make sure you have an outro with the option to watch another video!
It helps a lot!
See an example at the end of my latest video:

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