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I need help


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How do you think we are supposed to give money?

ever heard of doing races/missions/collecting bounty/armored trucks/HPV vehicles/Simeon requesting cars/

Help yourself Brother and even better , when you make money? send me some. or just go play some FIFA :-)

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Just play Rooftop Rumble on hard, takes under 5 minutes and you get payed $18,750 per run. If you're not level 75 you can't play it but you can always do coveted which is a mid 30s mission. Its pretty similar to RR, pays $18,000 and takes under 5 minutes if you don't suck with the cargobob


oops, f*cking autocorrect

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Yo dawg if your shizzle was Xbox I'd hook u up man but the PS3NIS sucks ballsack.

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