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[PS3] Departed MC St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Run


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Departed MC St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Run

Sponsored by Western

MARCH 17, 2014

The time is here, St. Patrick's Day 2014, and The Departed MC is inviting you to join them in their annual Shamrock Run, sponsored by Western motorycles. The event will be hosted, beginning at Vespucci Beach at 6:30pm EST, and starting with a touring ride from Vespucci beach, ending at the historic Grapeseed Airfield. Come out for a day of fun, racing, fighting and drinking! It is not only a celebration of the patron Saint of Ireland, but also a celebration of Roadking's Birthday!



Green is the theme color, and if you are not wearing green, you are open to be hunted and killed for a bit of St. Patty's Day brutal fun!





Cruise from Vespucci Beach to Grapeseed Airfield


Best Bike Contest, winner has their choice of a fully customized vehicle to keep, or sell.


Drag race circuits on the Grapeseed Airstrip, two riders will align side by side, with a member in the middle, and as the member sounds off his gun, the two will drag race from one end of the airstrip to the other, with spectators at the end deciding the winner. Race prizes, TBA.


Deathmatch tournament. We will be having a deathmatch tournament in which there will be one 8 teams of 2(per lobby) with a specially designed St. Patty's Day 2v2 deathmatch arena in which the teams will be placed into a bracket system and battle it out to see who makes it to the top, Winners prize, TBA.


More information is to be released in the coming days.

Can't wait to see you there!





To learn more, contact:


Any commissioner in The Departed MC


The Departed MC




Ride Route:



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I'm down for it. My PSN is LK-SMOKEY.



I'll join if I'm on then definately

Cool guys, i'm going to try to have this going on in more than one session, so i'll let ya know! Not sure on the exact time though!

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