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Crew Color not shown on TShirt


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Hello all!


Last week when I changed my Tshirt to Crew Color it changed to my crew color. Days later while still wearing the same Tshirt and not updating any info on the Social Club turned to WHITE! So, from original color of bright green to white for no reason. And now even if I change outfits and back again to my Crew Tshirt it wont go to my Crew color.


Is anyone else having problems with their crew colors with clothes?


Note: My cars still stay the same crew color as always, it's only the Tshirts/clothes that reflect this issue.



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I've had this happen to me before, but only when I would put a hoodie or jacket on over the shirt. For some reason it would turn white when wearing a hoodie, but it would go back to yellow (my crew color) when I would take the jacket off.

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