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Beard n Tattoo Crew **RECRUITING NOW**


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Crew name: Beard n Tattoo Crew
Bio: Beard n Tattoo Crew is for the bearded the tattooed. Its a place for the bearded and tattooed to meet and be around like minded individuals. Only requirement is a beard or tattoos in real life. No age limit. Also this is a game lets keep it fun, don't take it to seriously. When you do that you ruin the fun for the rest of us.

Contact: TallCanTransplnt

Social Club link: www.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/beard_n_tattoo_crew

Platform: PS3 for now maybe as we grow Xbox also

Games: gta v online

Time zone: central us time


Thanks for giving it a look. See you on the road.


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Still recruiting. we are a non serious crew whose just out to hang out and game with people like us. as stated before only requirement is beard OR tattoos. if you have both thats cool but if not either one will work. We do not discriminate on color or gender. just looking for like minded individuals. we realize that it is a video game and NOT real life. with that being said if you fit the bill and wanna be a part of it shoot me a friend request on PSN TallCanTransplnt looking for someone to head up the Xbox side of the crew also. the crew will be 500-500 wanna keep it even and make sure all you bearded, tattooed, and cool cats are all squared away.


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