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[Xbox] GTA Online: Weekend Car Meet


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Hello Everyone, this upcoming weekend (3/15/2014) I am going to be hosting an Online Car Meet... Depending on how many people want to be involved, hopefully 10 to 15 people, will decide if it actually happens or not.

(No set times yet)


If you want to be a part of the Car Meet just let me know, send me a message (GT: ChilledCanine) saying you want to be a part of it.


The Rules:

- No Killing

- Don't destroy others' cars

- Mic is recommended

- Be nice and respectful

- Don't be an Idiot


You can bring any type of cars; Supers, Muscle, Sports, etc. doesn't matter. If it goes well, I will host more Car Meets each weekend, but for now I'm only doing this one ... as a 'Test'.


Thanks for Reading:

- ChilledCanine

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I don't have access to my xBox at the moment, but feel free to invite me. Same username as here.


I can vouche for korisselys as well.

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So 8 people so far, 2 friends of mine, and myself ... So that's 11 people total, so far. Awesome.

- So I geuss the Car Meet is good to go. 5 spots still open.


- If by any chance more than 16 people want to be in the Car Meet, I will host another later that same night, but untill then, thanks for joining.

- ChilledCanine


Edit: Oh and to make it easier for invites tomorrow, send a message to ChilledCanine on Xbox Live, thanks.


Current List:

1. Myself

2. JSpence94

3. FairVictory1998

4. korisselys

5. NoRegrets99



8. YouAreNotFree

9. vipprimo

10. G Money316777

11. TheKingDudes

12. xUnReAlxxBaDaSS


14. AllIDidWasWin

15. ~

16. ~


Also, the Car Meet might be today instead of tomorrow ... I'll send out messages if I decide to do it today or not ... not sure at the moment.

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Bump your thread when the pre-registrants are in and you'll fill up the rest in minutes. :^:

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Aero Dynamo

Save me a place. Add me up and invite me when the event is taking place.


GT: TheKingDudes

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Ok everyone who is currently interested in joining my Car Meet I am going to start it up in about 30 minutes or so (around 8:00PM Eastern time) ... I'll be sending messages to those currently on my list... if you want to join send a message to ChilledCanine on Xbox Live, once it's full ... it's full.

- See you all in a bit....

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Car Meet #2: Ok, so I decided to host a Meet today ... which didn't go exactly how I thought it would, but I'd like to do another ... probable tomorrow. I'll be hosting it starting at 1:00PM(EST) and hopefully all those who said they wanted to join will get in this time ...


Here is what I want those, who might be interested, to do ...

Be Online during 12:30-1:00PM(EST) and Send ChilledCanine a message on Xbox Live stating that you'd like to join.


I'm only going to start it if I can guarantee that at-least 10 people will be attending the Meet... I think these Meets can be really fun, especially if there is a full lobby.


Things I'd like to do:

- Get Pictures

- Cruise Around The State

- Have Everyone Run From The Cops

- Race

- Ect.


Anyway, hope to see more people wanting to do these Meets.

Thanks for Reading.

- ChilledCanine

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