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Trevor soundboard just released. Any good Skype prankers out there?


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http://www.realmofdarkness.net/pc/sb/vg/gta/trevor Lets see if anyone in the community can make some funny calls with it.


I'm obsessed with the Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks, but the GTA pranks are just as funny. Feel free to post any other ones. I know there's a bunch of Niko Bellic ones where he calls car rental places asking for a "YELLOWWW CARR!" I should just go ahead and post most of the pranks.


If you're looking for other GTA based soundboards, they're right here : http://www.realmofdarkness.net/pc/gta-sb



This recent one with Big Smoke is hilarious : http://www.realmofdarkness.net/pc/calls/vg/bigsmoke/mcd













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Yellow Car!! I need a car man. lol


I hope somebody makes a good Trevor one.

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I remember my friend introducing me to soundboard pranks back when YouTube was beginning to gain prominence, and finding it to be the funniest sh*t I'd heard in a long time! Much piss was leaked I tell you. Even to this day they still make me cry...nothing like letting out that inner immature humour from time to time! It would be great if anyone here made a few Trevor ones and posted them up, but the Arnie calls are by far the most hilarious!


Here's a few (the second one is quite clever):




bash the fash m8s 

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