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A Guide to GTA Online Playlists


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So you want to play GTA Online games but never find anyone because Rockstar's matchmaking system is too complicated and inefficient. I've listed a few helpful pointers and hopefully everyone can take something away from this guide because the more players utilise playlists the better Grand Theft Auto Onlines community will become.


1. The first thing you want to do is join a large crew. This is highly recommended and doesn't have to be your primary crew but it will help a lot if you find an active crew around 1000 members. Search the forums or social club for this as I won't advertise.


2. A lot of the community share some brilliant custom map races and death matches. It's only going to improve as time goes on but please if you do add these game types to a playlist try to test them several times privately or outside a playlist. There is nothing more frustrating when you have a few great games followed by a race with an impossible jump. Try to keep these races as short and intense as possible.


3. Your playlist layout is very important and is overlooked by many people. The trick is to start with a match involving 8 or more players if you want a larger filled lobby. An example of this is a TDM or last man standing involving 8-16 players. If you do not wish for 16 players than a hot favourite mission to begin your playlist is Top Fun. It's all basic 101 advertising you want to draw the crowd in and hold their attention.


4. It may take more than 10 minutes to get things started. Unfortunately Rockstar's inexperience with online matchmaking has made things extremely difficult for the majority of the community who wish to find a game. I hate to say it because I haven't played the game in years but they need a few pointers from Call of Duty. If your sessions are not finding anyone then I suggest you find a new session and maybe join someone elses game invite and then once you've finished try inviting those players over to your host playlist.


5. When all else fails it may be wise to just look for other playlists being hosted. Hopefully if people understand some shared easy methods in this thread more awesome playlists can begin to occur. Please share and discuss any other helpful tips to help your fellow members.

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