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[XBOX360] Zero Command Recruitment


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Zero Command is now recruiting. This crew is based on a spec ops outfit from a book series. However, it is more like a group of buddies hanging out instead of a team of elite commandos.


Some of the Rules:


1. There are no restrictions regarding clothing or vehicles because I encourage individuality.

2. Microphones are not required.

3. Teamwork is the key to any victory. Teammates work in pairs at minimum on jobs, but they are allowed to work independently at times.

4. Help out others in need and pass along your knowledge to people.

5. Having fun is the main thing, regardless of winning or losing.

6. Don't start a fight with another crew without a good reason. Self-defense is acceptable.

7. There is no requirement about being on at certain times or accumulating so much online time a week. Work, family, friends, and other obligations come before gaming.

8. High-ranking members do not have a monopoly on ideas and decisions. Everyone is encouraged to come up with new ways to improve the crew or a fun way to spend some time.


If interested in joining, please visit the crew's page or send me a message on RSC. My call sign there is TwisterVictor1. I'm in the midwestern U.S. and go by Central Time.




The group's official website:



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