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Love Story


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There Is A Man Whose Name Is Joanne And Qaiser Who Works At Burger Shot They Were Good Friends Once A Girl Entrys The Burger Shop And Ask Joanne For A Burger But Joanne Was Just Seeing Her And She Says Again For A Burger And Joanne Give At Second Time When She Ask Then Joanne And Qaiser Go To A Beach And After 30 Minutes Joanne And Qaiser Saw That Girl At A Beach And Qaiser Talks With That Girl About His And Qaiser Start Talking With That Girl About His Friend Joanne But The Girl Says That No That His Brother Have A Gang And There Are To Hard But Qaiser says Just Leave It Me And My Friend Joanne Then They Will To To Pizza Shop For Pizza.






Skin_28.png Katty's Brother's Gang Members



Skin_29.png Katty's Brother's Gang Members



Skin_46.png Katty's Big Brother Jacky




Skin_47.png Katty's Brother Andrew




Skin_72.png Qaiser Hussain




Skin_170.png Timothy Joanne





Skin_191.png Katty




Skin_192.png Katty's Friend




Mission Files


Mission Part1:Love Story

It Will Be In Progress






Trailer Is In Progress





  1. Thanks To Rockstar Games For Creating This Amazing Game.

Thanks To Dutchy3010 And Patrickw For Creating This Amazing Mod.Thanks To Timothy Joanne For Being My Partner in This Mission.Thanks To Dhiman For Being With Us.​







Good Bye DYOM





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Huzaifa khan

Well Great Topic looks really lovely but Qaiser and Timothy be careful with the katty's brother and there gang members they will come to beat you hahahaha :);):D:lol:

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Huzaifa khan

Woah! part 1 is great but if you set talking animation so they looks more good but any way good loving mission :)

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