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(PS3) ROBOMAN Activities & Car Meet (so far)


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hey guys,


the planning for my next car meet is well under way, im going to be doing a test run tonight, to check it runs smoothly,


titled: ''ROBOMAN Activities & Car Meet''


just so you get a rough idea before i post the full event and joining info,


to be accepted players will NEED TO:


- Be prepared to rob a store

- Be prepared to be killed

- Must own guns and ammo

- Must own off road vehicle or suitable vehicle

- Be prepared to fist fight

- Be prepared to break into LS airport

- Must own parachute

- Be prepared to drag race, no supers in this race

- Must own sniper riffle

- Be prepared to share cash from armoured trucks and crate drops evenly between the meet players


helpfull but not a must:


- 1 bus needed (or i can steal one)

- 1 helicopter needed (or i can steal one)

- 4 sedan vehicle owners (i own 1, so 3 more players must have)




so as you see ive been busy planning, i may let everyone know the plan before, or i may keep it a surprise for the meet,




final info with date/time and timezone will be posted in the next day or 2,


Now this one is gonna be REAL fun!


cheers guys,


psn: ROBOMAN1000



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......................oh just to let you know,


Robbing the store, being killed, killing, fist fighting, will only happen during the activities ive planned,


during the overall meet, players will need to behave, just because im allowing these things in a meet does not mean its fine to kill anyone when you want,


only while the activity is happening,


its all for fun, I think this way you can take your frustration out on another player during these games, and stay calm in between,


cant wait to see if it all works as planned

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I have a bus!

Iv got pretty much everything from Pegasus when the money glitch was around. I have the military barracks thing and stuff and all that

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TezST, I could invite you first on the day and you could get the bus delivered before everyone els is invited,

would I be able to drive it?


I can allways get one from the airport before inviting everyone too,


need a helicopter that can hold at least 4 including pilot


cheers guys, I know this will work, im gonna do a run through very soon

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I have a cargobob I can order from Pegasus.. we can use that for the big helicopter you need

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Yeah that's fine mate and yes u can drive it :) the cargobob can even pick it up if u wanted lol

Shame we couldn't get that Titan open before damn it

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add me



only own sedans and off road vehicles + 1 futo

own all busses

not sure if I own any helicopters other than the buzzard, but nothing that marry weather can't fix

robbing stores and getting killed is sort of my thing

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Hey add me id love to join psn "luna-tec" also at what time is this

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