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Yakuza Crime Syndicate Recruitment

Don Yin Yakuza

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Don Yin Yakuza

Crew/Gang Name: Yakuza Syndicate GTA
About: Gamer tag change is required. (your name) Yakuza. We are a TDM crew. We do clan battles with many clans daily. Hold down free roams. If you want to be known on GTA V as a legendary and skilled TDM player this is the crew for you. We ONLY play free aim and there is an age requirement of 15+ depending on voice as well. xbox 360 only, Formally known as ATG.
Leader Contact: xATGx Sad Flute
Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/yakuza_syndicate_gta
Platform(s):Xbox 360
Games:GTA V
Timezone:Central US

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You need to add your Social Club link to your OP. Also read over the guidelines bro and good luck

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