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Zombies Outbreak (Mission Pack)

Recommended Posts


This Is My New Mission Pack! Hope You Like It






San Andreas World Has Been Attacked By Virus Also Known As "Zombie" The S.W.A.T Cannot Stop It , The People is Infected Almost 50% Now , The Doctor Who Released This Virus Is A Doctor.Van Berg , He Is Main Antagonist In This Story





This Is My New MP , And Sorry For My Bad English







1. Carl Johnson (CJ) (Protagonist)


-This Is Protagonist Character In This Story , He's Sweet Brother , And He's Second Leader Of Grove Street Gangs , But Some day he have a unlucky day , The Infected has Spread to cities and all of his Gang member has infected , and leave CJ And Sweet , CJ Trying to survive from the nightmare


Status - Alive





2. Sean Johnson (Sweet) (Second Protagonist)


He's Second Protagonist In This Forums , He's CJ Brother , and he's leader of Grove Street Gangs ,


Status - Alive




3. Mark Wayne (Protagonist)


This is Playable Character until Chapter 2 , he have a Small Store in Blueberry , but some night he have a unlucky day , he store has been visited by weird someone , and it's the Virus wan't to attack Mark , Mark try to survive from this Nightmare

Status - Alive




4. Emmet (Friend)


This is the Major Character in this Story , he have a Ammu Dealer and Secret Weapon Dealer , He Help CJ And Sweet to Kill any Infected


Status - Alive



5. Jack


He appear in Part 6 (World Is Nothiing) He's A Bussines Man , he kidnapped by Evil Villager also

known by


Status - Deceased




7. Basehead


This is a weakness character in this Story , he's a Basehead in LS , he's like to sell a stolen Item , and he weapon is mount Baseball Bat ,


Status - Alive




8. Police


He help you to killing a Zombies , and appear in Random Part


Status - Unknown


Evil Character




1. Doctor Van Berg (Antagonist)



Will Be Updated Soon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Status - Deceased




2. Nemesis (Second Antagonist)


This Is Very Dangereous Character , he also mount Minigun and Missile Launcher , He's a project by Doctor Van Berg


Status - Determinant (Player Choice..)




3. Zombies (Enemy)


The zombies will appear in Every Part of Mission


Status - Unknown


Will Be Updated Soon....






Ok Check The Download


Chapter 1 (How It's All Began) - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/30875(Pack)


Chapter 2 (Dead Is Coming)

Intro - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/30876

Dead Island Part 1 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/30878

Dead Island Part 2 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/30883

S.O.S - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/30911

Bloody Rain - Work In Progress

Ma Bitches! - Work In Progress

Still Alone - Work In Progress

Damn i've killed my friend - Work In Progress

Finding the Truth - Work In Progress

Cleaning The Island (Final) Work In Progress


Chapter 3 (Survive!)


Chapter 4 ( Laboratory)


Chapter 5 (End)

To Be Updated Soon





If You Want The Mod Pack of Zombies here!


http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/30832 (DYOM LINK)




1. GTA San Andreas ( If You Not Crazy )

2. DYOM V8.1 (Use Dyom V8 Feature)

3. Cleo 4 ( Dyom v8 need cleo 4 to run)



Thanks For


Dutchy3010 & PatrickW For Creating DYOM

Alien , Seeman For Creating Cleo Script

ZAZ And Bull.04 For Creating The Zombies SKin

Thanks To My Friend


And Thanks For Download My Mission





The Topic Is Not Completed

Edited by tukang kerupuk
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Huzaifa khan

Woah! Bro amazing looks really scary hahaha Awesome :santa::pirate:

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Woah! Bro amazing looks really scary hahaha Awesome :santa::pirate:


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i waiting for this feedback!

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DragonWarrior (DnW)

Nemesis...? I swear I remember tht name somewhere... RESIDENT EVIL!!!


Keep it up bro!

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Hahaha, it's a good mission pack dude, keep it up, I really liked it ^^

Also I love zombie missions, I didn't make a zombie mission since Land Of The Dead MP :p



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Thanks all! :lol::santa:

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