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Fix for occasional texture loading and temporary freezing (Xbox)


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A friend of mine recently told me about this method, and it worked very well for me.


Step 1: Go to the Xbox live dashboard and scroll over to settings and click on System (Should be the first button on the left)


Step 2: When the menu comes up showing Console settings, Kinect settings, storage, etc...Click storage.


Step 3: Scroll down to hard drive and press Y, this will bring up a menu asking whether to rename, format (DO NOT PRESS THIS, IT WILL DELETE YOUR WHOLE HARD DRIVE) clear system cache, and transfer content.


Step 4: Click on Clear system cache, this will do a very small maintenance on your hard drive. After you have done this, load up GTA 5 and you should notice that it runs much smoother and the textures load much faster.


Conclusion: Before doing this, texture would load extremely slow for me and would often cause my screen to freeze for 10 seconds, I couldn't join online without timing out a few times. (Which I would of thought was an internet problem, but after doing this I rarely ever time out when joining a session.) My game runs much smoother then it used to.


Give this method a try. It worked for me so I don't see how it wouldn't work for anyone else.


Edit: Post your results below, here's another example, it used to take me around 4 minutes to load up story mode, now it only takes around 30 to 40 seconds max,

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It'll start doing it again soon. This only fixes it temporary. ;)

I did this about 2 weeks ago and my game still runs very well. Even if it may be temporary, it still helped me a lot, I just thought I would share since I see other users have problems with temporary screen lock up and with textures not loading properly or very slowly.

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Maybe this will help me. I have been experiencing frequent freezes and sometimes my beach bum and capture packs have to be reinstalled since patch 1.11

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Patch 1.11 has been freezing alot of people's consoles lately, i had to delete some game data on my ps3 in order to reduce the freezing problem. I even re-installed all the patches again. It hasn't frozen yet after i did this but still R* needs to fix that with the next patch hopefully

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Facepalm, are you guys really serious that you don't know about clearing cache? It's not even the system cache you need to clear it's the game cache you need to clear

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