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Weird LSC Glitch With Metallic Paint?


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Maybe i just never noticed it before but i just noticed that if your car is already colored black you can't use the Pearlscents it unless you re buy the black meaning you have to buy the carbon black and then re buy the regular black if you want to use the Pearlscents with the black metallic


I've never noticed it doing that before because i use black metallic on all my cars before applying the Pearlscents and i don't remember a time before when i had to buy another color then black again before i could use the Pearlscents


Is this something new within the last two patches?

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1. Select Matte or Metals colour

2. Buy

3. Back out to colour menu and press Metallic - dont select any colour

4. Back out to main LSC menu

5. Go to Wheels and buy a new wheel colour

6. Back out and go back into Respray

7. Select Pearlescent and you should now have access to the colours.

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