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Damn funny, I was kind of a marginal fan and at first, somewhat shocked by Tom Green's antics on MTV, however, after many a movie, and even an attempt to do a show from his home via the web, a 'la Charlie Sheen... Tom Green was picked up along with other comedy shows for Mark Cuban's AXS TV, and to be fair, half owned by media mogul Ryan Seacrest as well now part, if not Half owner.... AXS is among the small cable TV channels that offers something truly new, and uncensored at times... HD Net formerly, I only gained access to Access by way of DirecTV in the past two years, and now with Comcast, but I highly recommend checking Tom out, funny as all Hell most times!

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Is he still doing that online house show? That was strange, I figured he must have gotten bored of all the 4chan skype calls and messages about barrel rolls.

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I don't think he's doing any Podcast from home these days, AXS allows him to have an uncensored show, and it's nice that way, guests don't have to feel too guarded. The latest I think he has his parents on? I haven't got to it yet,


Here's something I just found, though brief, and not really dated accurately




ManiaTV was looking to resurrect National Lampoon's Lemmings with current comedy satire, but I think just from browsing there, FAR too much advertising breaks then even Google overtaking YouTube. Annoying as Hell for me personally. I think it maybe possible for Tom to still webstream something. Webcasting is fairly simple technically speaking, but I think AXS' platform gives him a lot of what he'd do anyway.

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