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Ideas for future Gta Online fixes.


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Personally, I believe one of the fixes should be how the Merryweather Mercenaries work. I'm sure most of you have noticed that when you call mercenaries on someone, Merryweather will call you to inform you that the player has been terminated even if someone else has killed them, or they have committed suicide. This means you pay $7500 for no reason. I hope they fix this as its an issue that's been around since the beginning of Gta Online. Another thought of mine is to increase the length of how drunk or stoned you are in a game as it last only a few seconds. It would be fun to drive drunk being chased by the cops or bounty hunters. My third thought is to add some small mini games inside the apartments. In San Andreas we had video games to keep us occupied within the game itself, this would be a fun addition that could give us a reason to go have a party with strangers inside our apartments, same goes with being drunk or stoned longer. What are your thoughts?

Ps. This is my first post.

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Mr. Muramasa

Well I would assume that since you brand them with the Merryweather logo of attack that that means that they are bountyless targets now. I don't know if its a glitch per say, but its still kind of annoying.


I don't usually get drunk/high, and I'm sure that the effects don't last THAT long, but since GTA time is greatly accelerated compared to our time (2 seconds = 1 minute, 1 minute = 30 minutes, 2 minutes = 1 hour, 48 minutes = 1 day), thats why it doesn't last as long in our time measurements.


Yes give us stuff to do in our apartments please, all I do in here is stare at the books. Maybe let me actually READ the books?


I myself don't have any ideas, or if I did then they are ignored, so lets just leave here my opinion on your given ideas eh?

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Another thought of mine is to increase the length of how drunk or stoned you are in a game as it last only a few seconds.


They should give us new session type options.


We have Solo sessions and Invite sessions.


Well, what about Drunk sessions?


Stoned sessions?


Drunk and Stoned sessions?


Passive sessions?


If we can't have that, what about options to turn them on permanently in Solo or Invite sessions?


etc, etc.

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1.Well you can have mercenaries sent to someone who has a bounty, or place a bounty after sending mercenaries on them.
2.True, but if they're going to be realistic about it, why give us the option if its barely going to have any effect. Kind of seems a bit stupid.

lol good idea.

Another thing i forgot was that they need to fix the Capture games. They're longer than some team deathmatches but play alot less. It's also pretty rare to have someone join a capture game which sucks because its really fun. Even when it was new it was hard to find a match for it.

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