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GTA5 - Patch 1.11 Issue - PS3 Super Slim

Made in Yorkshire

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Made in Yorkshire

I have just updated to patch 1.11 - I only play offline, not online.


When I drive from Franklin's house to Simeon's dealership to start the motorcycle repossession mission with Lamar, I have problems.


After Franklin gets out of his car and walks into the dealership, Simeon appears and says something along the lines of "Franklin, my dear boy!". Simeon then just stands there with his arms open and nothing else happens.


I can get Franklin to walk around, but I cannot get into vehicles, run, switch weapons, fight etc. If I walk away from the dealership and back again, Simeon is still stood there - Franklin can walk straight through him too!


I have tried rebooting my machine, reinstalling GTA5, formatting the HDD, doing a system restore and even rebuilding the database and restoring the file system. The missions before this one are all fine.


Is this a bug and how can I get past this point in the game?

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Try immediately pressing X when the cutscene starts (so you skip the cut scene)-- that might get you past it...


Is this the disk or download version-- if disk-- is it clean and not scratched??


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Made in Yorkshire

Thanks - I will give that a try.


I play offline and it is a disc that I am using. The disc looks absolutely perfect with no scratches or dust etc. and my machine is relatively new (October 2013).

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1. try your game disk in another ps3 with 1.11 and signed in or out of psn duplicating how you play. do so on ps3 not having any similar issues with gta 5.

2. you can try deleting all save files and playing unpatched and while signed out of psn. current save files can be backed up to usb storage device.

3. the patches/updates are not needed for offline play unless you want the offline story mode content any update may contain. the first 2 or 3 patches provided the fixes for story mode. current/recent updates are almost all about online bug,glitches,and exploits fixes and not offline fixes. new cloths,cars,and weapons were added to both off and online.

4. reports have been made of weapons,ammo,and cars disappearing since recent updates.also reports of freezing. reports too of story mode characters losing ammo.

5. any current data can be corrupted when adding new data so before downloading and adding new data research and determine if you really want or need it. also game consoles are mysterious in what works for one may not in another as witnessed with sony firmware updates and the reports that followed of consoles bricking,some functions ceasing to work ,and certain games now not working properly.

6. with updates 1.10 and 1.11 i have lost weapons in online with the tommy gun returning but just this week 2 weapons i purchased disappeared. in story mode i found trevor and michael having 0 pistol,mg,and assult rifle ammo, franklin,my last save ,did not lose ammo.

7.good luck.

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