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Random crashes and no message afterwards


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When I play the game on the latest patch with GFWL updated, I got random crashes while driving around the city but no message appears when the crashes occur. It is weird. How it is as I have had the exact same installation and configuration with the Episodes and everything works properly. The game only crashes when I put night shadows on. I guess it is because IV is not supposed to work well with an ATI card. Besides, it might be the GFWL that actually makes my game crash.


Original DVD bought when it came out

Windows 8.1 Pro

AMD Radeon 7700Series

Intel i7

6go RAM


Texture quality - high

Reflections - medium

Shadow quality - high

Water qu. - medium

Night shadows - off

Anti filo. x8

Draw distance 10

Details 31

Circulation 51-100


+ Running as Admin, launching the launchGTAIV.exe, vista pack II compatibility (it still crashes with all mods of compatibility TBH)


Funny it is as I got +30fps but the game crashes on this configuration with patch (with night shadows off)


When I try with xLiveless (as I believe GFWL might crash my game) everything works! Even night shadows.


Why is my game crashes on 1.7 patch???

I might try to set the shadow quality on medium but the game looks sh*tty. Furthermore, why playing with medium settings when I get +30fps with high ones?


What should I do? Trying 1.7 again or staying in1.0.4? I would like my stats to be recorded on the Social Club but impossible without the latest patch :(


I contacted R* support but no answer for 3 days. I guess they are lost.


I forgot! No mods installed, plain and fresh install.

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