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Hey, first post!


I'm only a level 35 Online, it's taking me so damn long to level up, yet I'm forever participating in jobs!

If anyone could meet me online sometime and "teach me their ways", that'd be awesome. ;)


My PSN ID is Linkzy02, and just send me a friend request, followed my a message with "Jawbreaker" as the subject, just so I know where you came from. :)



It'd also just genuinely be nice to meet some new people to play with Online!

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well good sir, it took me a month to get from level 30-60, so i suggest to no-life it like i did, or play like 5 hours everyday like i did and just do regular missions, mix it up a bit with survival and you'll be good, or find someone who can host rooftop rumble for you, i would if i had it but i don't.

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I play in free aim lobbies if your interested in help, it might be difficult though psn is same as my ID

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I'll help out, I managed to go from rank 30-40 in 5-6 hours from doing Coveted, and some other missions. Psn is ThousandFangs

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