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DLC Idea having dogs


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Well i think this is something we were all expecting in GTA 5 and we were a little disappointed we didn't get them so i want somebody who reads this to tell R* that maybe they could add in the ability to buy Pets like Dog,Cats, or even Fish so i want to start a petition so that R* could add those in and hey we got Chop in the game and we could do things with him why not things with a different pet i mean it wasn't hard for R* to add in new cars and have animals in Single player how hard could it be for them to do this. So Everyone present the idea to R* because remember they listen to the online community and i think they will listen to us on this :r*:


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Welcome to the forums. Please use the pinned Patch & Upgrade Wish list thread for all your ideas and wishes on GTA V DLC, upgrades and the like, next time.

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