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St. Paddy's Day Biker Bash


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Irish Anarchists Motorcycle Club to Host St. Paddy’s Day Biker Bash Sponsored by Pisswasser


March 12, 2014


Los Santos, SA – Local Motorcycle Club Irish Anarchists announced today that it will be hosting the inaugural St. Paddy’s Day Biker Bash Sponsored by Pisswasser at the Vanilla Unicorn in Los Santos on March 17 at 8 PM U.S. Central time. The event is expected to include a bike show where the public can view the complete model lineup from all the top motorcycle clubs across San Andreas on the PS3 platform. Each club in attendance will vote for the bike they deem the best in show, with the winner’s photo posted on the Irish Anarchists website.

“Where else can you find a great piece of ass and a chopper all in one location?” said Trevor Philips, proprietor of the Vanilla Unicorn. “Hey, even the Germans are getting in on this celebration. Bunch of dicks! Reigning in on the Irish like that, but hey, booze and broads. So don’t get all defensive on me pork chop!.”

Irish Anarchists Motorcycle Club officials expect this biker show to improve the MC relationship across the PS3 platform and hope to widen the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. In addition to the biker show, Irish Anarchists will also include a club ride from the Vanilla Unicorn in Los Santos to Paleto Bay to Grand Senora to the Sandy Shores Airfield for a non-competitive drag race around 8:45 PM.

“We’re hoping this event will put our differences aside for a chance to get to know one another,” said Grunge, the President of the Irish Anarchists. “What better day to have a biker bash than on St. Paddy’s Day!”

The Biker Bash will conclude with a closed to the public Fight Club that will be aired after the fights concludes on the Irish Anarchists website and after all proceeds are collected by a local charity created by TPI. The Irish Anarchists MC expects two representatives from 8 separate clubs to participate in the event. If the response is greater than 8 clubs a separate room will host the same event. Clubs are encouraged to contact the Irish Anarchists MC to join in on the Biker Bash festivities.

More information is expected to be released in the coming days.

- Fight Club (Fist fight in a circular ring. One on One)
- Club Ride (Ride from Los Santos to Paleto Bay to Grand Senora)
- Drag Racing (Race your bikes from one side of the airfield to the other. Skill will be needed for a win as most bikes are the same speed.)

About Irish Anarchists MC
A clan of buzz saws, misfits, head-bangers, loyalists and thieves who parade the land of San Andreas on American made steel, picking off any degenerate yoke ignorant enough to cross them. By the ruthless measure and in reliance to the code by which they follow: Freedom Ain't Cheap. Apologize For Nothing.

Rules of the Biker Bash
- No Violence
- Must Attend in Passive Mode.
- No Guns.
- Respect ALL MC’s in Attendance. If you have any beef wait for the Fight Club.
- If the Police show up. Leave the area until your wanted level is gone. Please refer to passive mode rule.
- There will be designated people doing invite only sessions. If the response is greater than expected we will host two separate rooms.



To learn more about the St. Paddy’s Day Biker Bash


President of Irish Anarchists MC


Social Club http://socialclub.ro...mber/grungeeddy




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I believe we have found a solution for each club to bring more members. After the show concludes we will have those who attend park their bikes at the Vanilla Unicorn. After everyone has left we will invite clubs back in one at a time. The bikes should be locked for viewing. Thanks for all your interest in the St. Paddy's Day Biker Bash.


Hope to See You There!



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Guys why not ask me for permission before basically stealing my idea. All you did was add a little bit. I wouldnt mind if you asked first mayb...

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Guys why not ask me for permission before basically stealing my idea. All you did was add a little bit. I wouldnt mind if you asked first mayb...

Your idea? We just attended one of these a week ago with the same setup minus the fight club. We're Irish and wanted to celebrate St. Paddy's Day with other MC's. We borrowed the idea from whomever hosted their Bike Show the week prior and pooled a few ideas together to make it what it is from what we experienced. The show ended with gunfire and cops. It was a complete disaster. We added a fight club to hopefully discourage any unruly behavior until the end. This is way more elaborate and creative than what we experienced with the last show. Honestly I haven't seen anything like this. Sorry if I don't understand what you mean when you say added a little bit to your idea. I posted this on Wednesday and so far I have heard of 3 others who have "added to your idea". Sorry if you feel like we stepped on your toes but we don't need your permission to celebrate our holiday. And that's exactly what this is, a celebration. If you would like to come you're more than welcome. I apologize if I come off harsh. But you just interrupted our thread. Best of luck with your ideas. We have one opening still available for another club if your interested.


Instant message me if you would please!



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8pm U.S. Central. Clubs will be invited over early.

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Look forward to the Meet and Greet!

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