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Report function is bugged [PS3]


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every time when I see an ISO modder in the lobby (godmode, super speed, ultimate weapons etc) and want to report them, my PS3 freezes

a freiend of mine wanted to take snapmatic pictures of those guys - without success... he said it didn't work...


so apparently, there's no actual way of proving that these guys cheat.


I write down their names now and open a ticket for each one of them...



anyone here who can confirm that it has something to do with the mods?

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it will actually take you longer to report an iso modder than it will take them to unban themselves. I just switch lobbies and forget about it.

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I remember when I saw giefing god mode hackers and other modders, opening the report function froze my PS3.


You'd think they made it so... If they did they're basically terrible people. It's as if a civilian on the street got robbed, he then opens his phone and attempts to call the police, upon making the call his phone explodes and kills him because the robber hacked it.


It's like tyranny... They think they can do what they want and get away with it, leaving the rest to suffer under their wake... Most hackers I encounter grief people repeatedly to no limit, which is why I dislike them. They're pathetic if that's how they devote their free time to play a game and just go around ruining it for others.

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wouldnt be surprised it R* put it that way since they are so friendly with all these modders. They don't want you reporting them so they don't have to fall out with them :-)

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best way is to do what you're doing, open a ticket and email gt[email protected] with the hackers gamertag/psn as well.

RIP Rockstar Games

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