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Anyone noticed 2 new bank webs on SP?


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So I was fooling around in my beloved Single Player when I decided to buy myself a new car. Instead I clicked by accident in "Money and Service" and 2 new banks popped up, FLEECA and Bank of Liberty if I recall...



Is there anything to do with these? Does this mean anything?


I know there are a couple Fleeca banks open in Single Player, but you can't do much with them. Previously you could glitch yourself through their walls and see there's a safe under the security door. But that is pretty much all.



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Fleeca is the bank where Franklin has an account, Bank of Liberty is Trevor's Bank. There has aways existed since day one, and are used to see you account details and where you have spended it.

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Dude I really have a freaking bad memory. -.-


I thought they were new since the 1st link is the Stock Market and then there are 4 banks. Now I just remembered 3 are for the 3 sp characters and 1 is for your multiplayer character.



Close this please -.-

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