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Michael and other characters can eventually kill you.


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So, I finally tested out the other endings (it may be possible to do before the choice of who to kill) but if you follow Michael after killing Trevor, he will tell you to quit stalking him, if you keep doing it, he'll give you more warnings until finally if you stalk him again he'll go "Alright, you win" and punches you in the face killing you instantly.

Unsure if Franklin will do the same to Michael or Trevor or if Trevor does the same to any of the other guys, but I assume so. Just an interesting little bit of extra stuff I've discovered if no one else has already. Curiosity to see what would happen and all that.

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Not trying to be a dick, but this was discovered on release day. If you follow another protagonist for a while, he'll usually end up shooting you or knocking you out lol

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This subject was discussed recently. Please look down the forum or use the search tool to find the relevant topic. :)


Thank you.

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Signatures are dumb anyway.

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