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Green Leaf Trilogy's


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Hello GTAFORUM's! I'm new here, the name is kneevknee.
My native language is Dutch, so excuse me if type something that doesn't make sense at all,sorry but i'm trying! haha

Few days back got the idea to make a couple themed deathmatch trilogy's for the xbox360, thought to share it with ya'll.
There all death matches some unarmed and some with weapons(ofcourse!) but in rare places and in the the theme of my crew. Green Leaf Cartel. psst, we still recruiting!

First I wanna started off with the 3 Green Leaf Fist Fight's!

(If it works, you can click the picture for the link and I put a link underneath it.)

Green Leaf's Fist Fight : Bong Battle (Inside Micheal's House)



Green Leaf's Fist Fight 2 : Bong Battle (Inside Franklin's House)



Green Leaf Fist Fight 3 : Brawl in Paradise (Inside 'Vanilla Unicorn' Strip Club)

*note* Those 2 Dislike we're from 2 dudes who got they *** beat, just wanted to share haha





Second I wanna you show the Green Leaf Shootout's I made!

Green Leaf's Shootout : Headquarters (At the spot with weed plants,near Mount Chiliad)



Green Leaf's Shootout 2 : Battle Of The Fertilizer (Inside the Humane Labs and Research building)



Green Leaf's Shootout 3 : F*CK THE F.I.B. (Inside the 'clean side' of the F.I.B. Building)







Hope ya'll enjoy them as much as we already did, looks like the stats are not actually how much we played some of them, but it's all good!

Thought about making a playlist but the player required are not equel in every map so that wouldnt make sense.


If you have any suggestions, tips or just want to share you like them please tell me!



Greeting from Holland!

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