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Is there any point playing on?


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Since launch i have only came across one modder, was God mode, just couldnt kill the guy, blew his car up with him in it and he just appears outside the car, but only once and i have over 30 days online playtime between 2 accounts. i would hate to come across these other things people talk about.

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Why do the fat no-lifers absolutely want to do anything to bring the cheats and mods into GTA 5?


I could wrtie an entire 1 meter text to explain why I don't like it but it wouldn't fix anything. It feels like the only way to stop them would be to annihilate them all at once and then completely fix the game in a second.


Unfortunately that is impossible.

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I havent seen any of this type of stuff in any session I have ever been in.

Sorry for your bad luck but if it makes you disinclied to play then by all means quit playing.

Frankly I didn't need to know about it nor will I care if you move on.

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I'm yet to encounter a modder in any lobby I have been in. I rarely see tanks nowadays, I've probably seen one tank in about two weeks. I hardly encounter griefers either. So am I just getting lucky or do some people like the OP just exadurate their online problems?

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