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Infinite Loading Screen Still


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Hi, I am playing from a ps3, and have been playing GTA V since launch, no problems.

The update that came in January made my game freeze within 5 minutes for about a week. Off and online. After that, infinite loading screen. Not even an option for online (press x)

Tried all posted solutions. Deleting game data and or patches.

Restored file system, rebuilt database.

Deleted autosave, and all saves except one.

Played a new game on different psn, still no avail.

Note that if I go offline and start a new game with a new psn, it will play fine until I quit and load it back. Same problems.


My intro almost always glitches, the rockstar logo has pixelation problems.

Even with a fresh install, no patches, and offline, I still get the infinite loading.

Sometimes it freezes before the infinite load, and I have to restart my ps.

My PS3 is fine. Plays everything perfect. Disk is in perfect condition and I have tested it on 2 other ps3s and it works.

The only thing I haven't tried is a system format. Which I hope to avoid.

I would love for a solution to this problem. I'm hoping that if a patch won't help, a new system update will. I'm updated with latest firmware.


Any help? Please, I'm dying without this amazing game.




PS3 SLIM 250gb

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Update: I took apart my system, cleaned the lens, cleared dust. Same problem.

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Made in Yorkshire

The only thing left to try is a full format - your hard disk drive could contain errors and / or bad sectors, hence the problems you are experiencing with GTA5.


If there are any errors, the full format utility should sort them out. Be warned though, it takes a very long time to complete.


Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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Most times it just stays at a black blank screen when I start disk.

I tried BF3, same, CODghost, same. I didn't know those games were doing it.

Seems like newer games are the only ones having this problem.

The games I tested before were older games. And they worked.


I have found out that the PS3 firmware update (4.55) was causing this for a lot of users.

And here I was thinking it was GTA because BO2 was working perfectly.


Thanks for your replies.

When the new firmware is released, which will hopefully be soon; I'll report back here.

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