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Snapmatic Backups


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edit: as forum member Barefoot Tiger has pointed, I am not allowed to advertise or promote my website so I removed the link.

edit2: with Raavi his blessing I am re-instating the link. :)

Hey guys,


Long time lurker, first time poster here. Most certainly it is not very kind to plug my own website without properly introducing myself first but I hope that you won't mind, once you find out what it's about.


I love GTA:Online, and I love Snapmatic. What I don't love, is having to manually save every image that I made. So to help out with that I made a tool that allows you to download all your images into one handy zip file.


You won't be the first to use the tool, it's been posted on Reddit too a while back. For reviews please check out the thread!


Without further ado, here is a link to the tool itself: http://snapmatic.at.brian.jp


I'm more than willing to listen to your feedback, if there is any features you'd like to see I'm more than willing to implement these.





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I appreciate your concern, is there anything I can do to make it feel less dodgy?


The whois on the domain is showing my actual address details and I'm fairly easy to find online, honestly I'd shoot myself in the face with a shotgun if this was dodgy.

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Hi, the Forum Rules do not permit this form of advertising, although you can add a link to your site to your sig.


  • No Advertising promoting your website, YouTube channel or other service such as referral links by posting topics or PMing members (signature promotion is allowed)
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Curses! Thanks for pointing out the rules. I'll update my signature later. :)

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Technically you are sharing a tool, a very helpful one at that. So I'll let this one slide.

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– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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Wow, I am such an idiot. A couple of days ago I had to reboot the server that has the daemon which handles fetching images and zipping them. But totally forgot to bring back up the daemon. The uptime monitor is only monitoring the webserver, not the actual API which is how this went through unnoticed. Anyway, the service is back up. Sorry for the downtime. (T_T )


(Also updated the post on Reddit, where one user noticed the tool was down. <3 the Internet)

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