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Hello, I can't seem to find where it says how many gold medals I have. I looked everywhere and I can't find it or where it is supposed to be.

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hmmm surprised no one answered this one...


Pause your game-- select Game>Replay Mission or Game> Replace Strangers and Freaks


in the list that pops up for the above it will show you what you have for each mission (by the colored medal next to the mission).


By selecting a particular mission you can see what is required for gold for that mission...


Note-- you DON'T have to complete all requirements in one play through-- you can spread them out over multiple replays (just be sure to save after completing a requirement).


Also-- for the requirments that require you to complete a mission in a certain amount of time, the cut scenes times count so ALWAYS skip the cut scenes whey you are trying to do a mission fast.


Vid of showing how to do a mission replay--




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