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Forum Dr. Grove families. FDGF No inner-crew violence [PS3 & XBOX]


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A group of people who do illegal things together and who often fight against other gangs. Grove St. is back in a major way, so if you need some back-up or just want people to kick it with join now.

We do all kinds of activities like hittin' the strip club in a limo, crew wars, off-roading, helping new players, missions, or just kickin' it with the crew on forum dr. I have my character around lvl 135 with everything unlocked and bought so I'm never too busy doing something else to help out the homies, however I can't "give you money".

With Commissioners on PSN & XB you don't have to worry about not having many members or no high ranking members on your platform. Microphones are preferred but not required.

I'd like to explain the rules a little bit the only one we kick/demote over is In-crew 187's. This is a very strict rule but at the same time there is plenty of breathing room. If you hunt down and kill crew members you don't know over and over/abuse your crew tag to sneak up on friendly crew members and kill them, you will be kicked. However if you and your friend get a case of the f*ck arounds and scored few kills on each other, it is completely acceptable. Don't worry about leaders kicking you over nothing.

We have many crew alliances that can be found at our website (listed below), so you can literally fill your friends list with friendly members/allies by using it along with the rockstar social club site.

Join today and have a ride along with your road dogs, hell shoot some ballas, smash some grapes, then laugh at those pussies.

WEBSITE: http://forumgangfam.webs.com/


R* Join: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/forum_gangsters_fam


FB: https://www.facebook.com/ForumDriveFamilies?hc_location=timeline



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