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How IDT trumps. (imho)


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Your Individual Driving Technique is most important when considering the purchase of a vehicle . What works for one person isn't always

going to correlate with your own unique skillset in regards to driving.


Regarding inquiries about which car to get nothing is going to beat a test-drive. When you see someone in game with a car or vehicle you are considering, chase them down or send them a text-message to see if they wouldn't mind letting you test drive.

When reading forum replies, look for indicators that correspond to your driving mentality. This is a given, but to be more exact in what I mean, if someone just spits out "Adder" - its different than if they describe why. ie: "Adder because it is fast and handles responsively". This only further illustrates the bias of the individual though because what is responsive handling can differ from one person to the next.


When considering posting a query as to whicih car is best or better, instead consider asking for players to assist you in test-driving the various vehicles so you know for certain which one you want to spend your hard earned dough on.


"Looking for Adder test drive, any takers?"





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It's why I don't lower my cars, and why I love cars like the JB700 and the Carbo. They're slidey as all hell, and I love it! Then again, I've had cars that just didn't "click" with me. I like it when cars are twitchy and slidey!

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This is why I drive crotch rockets.

Heard an opp got killed, watch me do my dance.

Got a pocket full of bills, watch me do my dance.

I just popped a pill, watch me do my dance.

Hit that nigga with the steel watch that nigga dance.

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