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Opinion of GTA V after playing Bubsy 3D


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So because people "liked" V so much. I went back to play the game that "Expanded" the capability of "EVERY" 3D game EVER!



Here is my comparison....


Bubsy 3D: Great Story Line (Makes Sense)

Easy Gameplay (Easy with little challenge)

Great Graphics (Revolutionary)

Beautiful Environments and Music (Made me cry)

Outstanding Combat and Open World Features



Mediocre Storyline (Who wrote this?)

Repetitive Music (MY EARZZZ)

No Cj (Seriously)

Ugly Environments (I wanted it to be bigger)

DLC's (Rockstar is wanting us to fork out cash!!! Even though all DLC's have been free)

Horrible Combat (Really, I wanted a Chainsaw)

Small Map (Even though it was the Largest GTA map too date...It was small....)


Over All Score:

Bubsy 3D 5/5


GTA V 1/5


Was there really any doubt...It's not that I hated GTA V, I just hated it....


Anyways, thank you guys for reading this rather "lengthy" post, I'd like to hear your thought on this comparison, and if I missed anything...Let me know please...Thank you guys!

P.S i'd like to hear you guys compare the games to :D I am always open for option..Unless yours is different then mine...




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Bugsy 3D is for little kids... Nuff said

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1/10 Would lock again.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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