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Try my races please!


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The Commute Redirected - There are no jumps, props etc on this track. Its built strictly just for racing. Its basically the 1st half of "The Commute" that has been turned into a lap race. http://rsg.ms/9b7394d



Hairpins and Curves - A highway race with no jumps, props etc. There are quite a few tricky harpin turns but overall its a nice highway race with long stretches before the turns. http://rsg.ms/b19ba25


Weave or Jump - This is a lap race where the route that intersects multiple times increasin the potential for collisions. The catch is at each intersection there is a jump and an opening beside it to weave around it hence the title "Weave or Jump". The jumps are safer because you avoid crossing traffic but weaving around them will produce a faster lap time. http://rsg.ms/3825b00



Weave or Jump 2 - Like version 1 you will encounter multiple scenarios where you can excute the jump or weave around it. The difference with this one is the risk/reward for choosing to weave or jump is the opposite of version 1. What I mean is the jumps result in a faster lap time but come with the risk of crashing and weaving is slower but is the safer route. http://rsg.ms/4c02ad6



Jumping Down the Drain - This is the popular "Down the Drain" race with jumps added. Also, unlike Down the Drain the route is not straight down on one side and straight back on the other. The route crosses back and forth so you are repeatedly jumping over the water. The jumps are also placed so the potential for mid air collisions are possible. http://rsg.ms/a4a8058



Garage Drifting - This one is for the drifters. Basically you race to 3 different garages, spiral up to the top and jump off. This one was very tricky to make. I put props where needed to guide ppl in the right direction so I hope its not confusing. NOTE: if you take too long between checkpoints when spiraling to the top it'll say you're going the wrong way but you arent. Just continue to the top. Its gonna be hard at 1st but its a very cool race to do IMO once you learn it. http://rsg.ms/e6295f3



Dodging Headlights - No jumps or sharp turns. Just open freeway to fulfill your need for speed. There is just one twist however. The race is on the wrong side of the road! lol This race can be done with traffic off tho to be a strictly speed race. http://rsg.ms/b3e230a



All of these races pay great with a full lobby and a bunch of laps. Please like, bookmark and share them thanks!

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Anyone give these tracks a look? I think they are definitely good enough to be R* verified. Need more views and likes tho. If you guys don't mind please like and share. thanks

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No link load all give me my mistake and I have a good internet connection, but I think if you spent your username one would find you faster and may test your activities. Cheers

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^ ^

All the links go to the social club. Log into the social club 1st then click the links and it will take you to the races and you can add them to your game.

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