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Cloud down?



Or just for me?


(no answer... am i the only one who play the game with my laptop next to me?)

Edited by lann3fors

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4 answers to this question

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Hey Lann3fors, My Gta online said the same thing.


check that they aren't down by R* on there website


if it is up, this happened to me, i couldn't load characters or even play online at all. i just left it for a day or so.


Or try turn your PS3/router on/off


It could be an issue with your internet service provider that is something you should check.






Hope i could help, Good Luck




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I´m always getting the message that the cloud servers are down since yesterday -.-

And sometimes (1 out of 10 tries or so) i can play normally online. But most of the time I get this error.

Rockstar needs to fix their game. And with the new 1.11 patch the game freezes sometimes..

Edited by davav

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Still the same issue, all other internet in the house works fine, even works good with a new temporary character.

All i get is the message that the R* cloud isnt available.. but i see my friends status as playing online.


I appreciate the feedback, any other ideas?

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I have a suspicion, and I may be and probably am completely wrong, however; my theory is that one is thrown off online and cannot connect to the cloud because somebody has made a complaint and it is being investigated ...hear me out... the 2 times this has happened to me (cannot load saved...cloud down etc) and cannot get back online, came shortly after I received a verbal message from a player (profanity) and some grief in game from them, after fighting back for a short time, my xbox froze and upon restarting the console I couldn't get back online (cloud message). It may well be a coincidence, however, has anyone else experienced the same sequence of events as I have?


Thanks in advance.

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