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RACING - lets swap wins?


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hi friends..
long time lurker here. appreciate all the informative posts on here
heres the deal..

racing is ridiculously DIFFICULT, especially with the extremely high level racers who modded their rides into beasts.
of course i can host > turn off custom cars > race .. but hosting seems to take forever to find players sometimes..
in order for me to be able to CUSTOMIZE / MOD my rides with turbo, and engine upgrades.. i’m looking for someone who will let me WIN 1st place in like 6 or a few races in 3 classes (super, sports, and motorcycles)
we can do 1 lap races that literally take less than a minute ..

again, my only purpose is so i can mod my rides with turbo, engine, brakes, etc..

so for a few minutes of your time.. i can return the same favor .. meaning i’ll do the same for you, letting you WIN any amount of races you want. that way you can also be able to mod your cars / bikes.

you can let me win 6 races (we can just replay the fastest lap maps) with each class, and i can let you win as many races as you want in return!

i’m on Xbox Live BTW and live in Israel - I can be on any time that works for you. so if you’re on XBL and willing to help me out .. msg me please! or let me know your gamertag and i'll add you..

i would be very appreciative of this. and hope i can also return the favor.

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