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Paid to watch.


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Recently I have been running into a bug that a lot of my freinds have also seen so I assume you all know about it. When you spectate a race and you get dropped into the world rather than watching a driver. You have no body but you can access start menu and weapon wheel. If you face the right direction you can even shoot...kinda funny to throw stickies on the road and wait in ambush of the drivers.


Anyway...if you hang out until the end of the race you get paid...sometimes pretty well.


What is the most you have been paid to watch...?


Mine is $ 19,500

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This has happened to me but while watching friends on t.v. at my apartment so therefore I obviously don't cash out on anything. Plus I get stuck and have to find a new session

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Soran Is On

happened after I died in a mission, I haven't raced in months.

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