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How can I use this Scope in SA


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I wanted this scope for the sniper and found this mod http://gtaforums.com/topic/418562-relscrgtasa-custom-sniper-scope/



The original file I have is 1920x1080


How can I put this image to a .txd file ? I Know that this is possible cause I have seen that before but when I do it the image gets bigger 2048x2048 and it seems like its broken.

However I made the image half the size and it worked but know im game it looks like this




Please someone help me. Is it possible to make the scope bigger just how I wanted it ? Don´t say no :cry:

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Nope I tried everything but nothing works for me. Maybe there is a limit for the scopesize ?

When you compare my scope to the other ones realised you can see that my scope is much much bigger



EDIT Look at here http://gtaforums.com/topic/418562-relscrgtasa-custom-sniper-scope/?p=1059378447


You can see exactly the same problem. Maybe there is a bug in the cleo script ?

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don't know why mine is bigger but it wasn't possible to make it wide, seems fixed to a square

Yes I think too.

Here read this ZAZ http://gtaforums.com/topic/418562-relscrgtasa-custom-sniper-scope/?p=1059380515


Maybe it is possible to hack this "limit" or whatever it is. I hope so ...


I want this here


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Hey ZAZ,


I tried out one more scope and this scope has the same "square problem"


Here dyzruo9a.png


There is definitely a problem with the game itself or the cleo script. :panic:


ZAZ PLEASE can you do something to make "big scopes" work ? It would be awesome.... :inlove:

Maybe someone else can help ?

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