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Off Road Races ONLY


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Please sticky so we all have a fast way of finding other players off roading adventures.


If you add your creation, please give a brief description and let us know if it's on Xbox or PS3 thanks.


here's my 1st two.


Trust me on this, both of my tracks are hard and require real skill. If you floor it everywhere rather than breaking and thinking, you will actually be slower than someone who takes there time.


Sandking EXTREME


Please, for the love of god, only use Sandkings or your going to have a bad time. Takes over 15 min to complete. Set to clear weather, rain can actually prevent you from getting up one of the hills.




for this one, you can use any off road or suv vehicle except atvs or bikes (unless you have one for a PV) although I don't think they will make some of the deep bits of water.


I made this one to be more of a thinking track, the next checkpoint might be right ahead but going in a straight line to it might be a very bad idea. There's some straight bits, as well as a small amount of road simply to try and make it fair no matter which vehicle you use.


the Sandking is great offroad and climbing but something like the injection is faster on flat bits.


Both are for PS3

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Here's the only offroad race I created so far: rsg.ms/1geMk9p


P.S.: Isn't the off road category already present in the aproved races thread?

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Here's a playlist with mine








2 races were locked to the dune buggy and the sandking so if the game is still messed up from last patch and lets you choose sanchez, please don't


Yep same for the start race in my playlist, although it is one of the small amount of tracks where the Bifta will triumph the Sanchez due to flat level ground, so no real damage done there.

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All of the Crawls in my signature are set up like a course rather than a race. You are presented with routes that push the limit of the vehicles and highlight real skills needed for offroad driving/rock crawling. Sandkings will perform best although some other 4x4's can make it with some patience and skill. These are a lot of fun with a couple other people. It helps to see the line/technique others use on any given path. No harm if you cant make it and decide to go around. Most checkpoints are reachable by alternate means. Throw me an invite if you want a guide.



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