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(Xbox) Do you make videos? I need you.


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I am maintaining a thread in the creator section that has a list of race tracks created by forum users and approved by a panel of judges. I would like to provide an individual video of each track being raced. If you are making videos, have a youtube channel and would like some face time on the original post of the largest thread in the category...please respond here. Your name and channel would also be credited and promoted.



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I don't know enough to even know if that is good. But if your touting it I assume it is. The link is in my sig for the approved cutom races thread...the xbox version.


Make it simple...you pick a track, make a video of a full lap...preferably a clean lap...and send me a link to the youtube page in a PM. I add the direct link and I credit your channel in the section above.


Sound good to you?


Only request I will make is that you do the first one on "Coupe Detat". After that you do whichever ones you want.


This is not an exclusive offer...any other makers can do the same.

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Got some vids coming in that I will be posting tonight...but there are 100+ tracks listed...more videographers welcome. Repeat videos will be used if they come in.


Thanks for any help.

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I can do it on my Production channel. I record in 1080p 30fps

Top lel, GTAV isn't even 720p

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