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Problem with R* Games' graphics.


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So recently I've built myself a PC.




CPU: AMD Fx 6300 (6 core 3.5ghz)

GPU: AMD Radeon R9 270x (2GB 1050mhz)

RAM: 2x4GB Corsair cards (1300mhz)

HDD: 1TB @7200rpm 64mb


I've also got myself GTA IV and Max Payne 3.


Both games look stunning and run at nice FPS even on Ultra settings and 1080p (40-60 fps average)



But I've noticed, in both games, graphic items (such as vegetation, ramdom stuff like barrels, or just graphics in general) take like 0.5 seconds to load, enough for me to notice and I get real mad.


For example, in Max Payne 3, I would jump from a little cliff and I've got a path in front of me with some trees and 2 foot plants. Some of this plants and trees on the back take extra time to load....


And we better not talk about GTA IV, it is constantly loading stuff as I walk or drive, it bothers me so much I uninstalled it.



Is there any way to fix this? I wonder why is this happening, as Console games, even having poorer graphics and poorer hardware, they get all their stuff loaded in time....



And yeah, I installed all of them updates :(




Any kind help is much appreciated.


As a funny fact, this only happens to me with games developed by Rockstar. I've been playing Farcry3, Crysys3 and the Battlefields and I haven't had any of these problems :/



EDIT: Here I add a video of the issue (Not mine but the guy has the same problem as I have)



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Perhaps what you are seeing is LOD switching. This a method of optimisation present in almost all games available today, and it is visible on consoles and PCs. It loads in higher quality assets as you get closer to them, and has lower quality in the distance to save performance. You probably only notice it on PC because the resolution is much higher, compared to when on consoles the lower resolution can make it less obvious.


On GTA4 you can help alleviate it by upping the draw distance and detail distance sliders, but this carries a performance impact (as it would with all games). However you will never entirely get rid of it as it is a fairly important part of optimisation, but some games deal with LOD switching more subtley.



If these items are appearing literally in front of you even with the sliders up high then it may be a different problem entirely.


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I think it's more of a Drawing Distance problem as you said.


In GTA IV it helps a bit to set up to the max the drawing distance, but sometimes my FPS get super noticeable drops (about -30FPS). Specially near Niko's house, were you can go a little to the front, turn the corner and watch the other island's buildings. That kills my fps.



And about Max Payne 3, I don't know what to do :/ There is no drawing distance settings....


After trying to look in the internet, I found a guy who has my SAME PROBLEM. And he's recording the SAME AREA were I started to notice



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There is nothing you can do other than get used to it. It's present on consoles as well, and is usually considerably worse/more obvious, but it's a necessary tradeoff for performance in all games.

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