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Comanchero's 1% MC Now Recruiting (PS3)


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Hello All,


I am the President of the Comanchero's 1% MC and we are currently around 27 members strong at the moment however we are looking to expand our Sydney Chapter, the Crew emblem is in my display picture also as I cannot upload a picture for some reason in this post.






Age Limit: 16+ (Majority of members are 18+)


1. You will need your social club account linked to your PSN name.

2. If your in the Comanchero's 1% MC you must wear our patch (crew emblem).and be loyal to the club and members.

3. You must own a motorcycle.

4. Be willing to die for your brothers and never leave a brother behind.

5. Must be online atleast 2-3 nights a week to come along for meetings and rides.

6. Never allow a non Comanchero member into the Club House unless given permission by the President and/or Vice President.

7. A mic is not needed but preferred.




Our members are always active everynight and we are always doing runs (road trips) and hanging out at the clubhouse and a lot of other stuff with the crew so if you would like to join and get further details then add me on PSN: Oda_lol or simply reply to this thread and I'll reply to you here and also if you have any questions guys feel free to ask.



- Link to Social Club is in my Signature.

- Always Comanchero, Comanchero Always.

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As always, if we're contacted by actual members of this club, we will have to remove this topic.


I would recommend doing something unique to avoid situations like this.

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if you're associated with them, you need to contact me via PM so we can discuss it.. and wait a week prior to bumping.

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