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Anyone here playing Hearthstone?


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Whats your opinion on this game?

Imo this game is hella addicting. I am not new to card games like this

which means Ive been playing MTG since almost 15 years.

Hearthstone is not so complex like Magic YET it is hella fun, challenging with so many tactics

and so addicting that it keeps you playing forever.

Hell I cant remember when the last time was I had so much fun in an online game.

All the classes feel unique with their specific cards and abilities.

The music is beautiful, the bg graphics got a rly cool art style

and the card animations are pretty cool.

You can even create your own cards!

Right now Im trying to figure out how to build good decks and which cards

are actually useful or not.

The community on the forums are rly friendly and helpful.

There are also tournaments going on with prizes.

I was actually never a fan of any Warcraft games before but with Hearthstone

Blizzard has done a great job in creating a fantastic game and it is even for free!

Kudos to the developers!

I am wondering how long the beta F2P model will keep going on.

There are only a few pointers I got so far.

Add a chat to online mode, increase the deck max size to 40 cards and

add a leaderboard to this game.

Has anyone tried this game yet and how do ya feel about this F2P trading

card game? Whats your experiences so far?

Im glad a friend told me about this game or I wouldve never got into this game.

Lol, I just started playing this game yesterday and already ran into

AngryJoe. XD

Anyone who wanna play vs me feel free to add me on Hearthstone, always looking for a good challenge.

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Wow, so this thread never went anywhere, might as well revive it and see if anyone here plays it!



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Richard Power Colt

I only play tavern brawl these days. Getting good cards is too expensive/takes too much time.

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I messed aroudn for a few days, it's not really my kind of thing and I'm too lazy to learn, or care, about tactics and building a deck.


But it's amusing, and cost me nothing so there's that.

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