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Sense of Humor Saves my Ass


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I'm in the Barbershop, and I turn to the right, and out the window I see some guy in a tank waiting on me to come out. I don't, and he starts blasting the window. Here's how I saved my ass.


Me: Sup Bro?


Him: Hows your Hair?


Me: It's shaking, scared.


Him: I figured so, ctfu.


Him: I'm gonna let you live, for now.


Surely I wasn't born yesterday, so I waited until he rolled his ass down the street, so I could leave. Bastard kept his word, as I quickly hopped into my Bentley and drove off. Before this happened, I hated people in tanks. He could've easily destroyed my PV, and waited till I came out, but he didn't. I know that was his intentions at first though. Maybe this shows bitches in tanks have hearts too huh?

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I couldn't even get mad at that meme lol when I first saw it I almost died laughing

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