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Friendly Free Roam?


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Red dead redemption had A "Friendly" free mode option, why cant GTA? I hate it when people shoot me out of the blue? Just wondering if anyone else has though about this, yes it is the main point of the game, to kill people, but sometimes its just unnecessary and passive mode is useless...



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Yes we also need hardcore mode


I think it would be nice, they also need to make it to where if I join a race the next missions to choose from are all races...

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Ok, first off, the point of the game isn't to kill people. The point of the game is to have a fun, sociable time with friends in a boundless world without fear or consequences.


Second, We do need a friendly free mode, because some people have different ideas of fun, such as me where I like to dick around driving cars. We don't want to deal with some asshole in a chrome adder throwing sticky bombs at us.


And we also need a hardcore mode. I am thinking, less money for jobs, everything costs more, you have to buy food at the stores, otherwise your health bar will go down. You would have to buy gas for your cars, and if the cops catch you, you would spawn at the prison, where you would have to wait your time, or escape.

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As did GTA IV. I've seen it discusses quite a bit on here. Also a lot about having lobbies where everything is easily accessible (tanks,guns,ammo,jets) and none of it counting for or against your stats. Just for fun. Again, similar to GTA IV. I'd love to have something like that. :)

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