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Full Map Expidition to Find stuff.


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I would like to start off by saying hello and welcome, I am going, along with the GTAA crew to lead an expidition across GTAOnline. This will be a long-running in depth search for the craziest things in Los Santos and Blaine County. This will begin on 3/10/2014 and there is already a session to join. If you would like to help out, my in game name is NFWright and I am on the PS3. I will keep a running log of everything we find, and put it into picture format. I will not take pictures of all the houses, just the ones that have interesting things in them. I like to put things off, so if other people want to comment what I should add, just post the bb-code.


South off-springs
North Inlet

House #2
This house is amazing, not because of looks but because of features.
The front and back views show nothing too impressive, just an average looking house.
This is the front door, almost as if it leads to a castle, but this is where it gets juicy. If you try entering the door, you will walk right through it but not only that, the door and floor are no-clippable.
This is the view from inside, about 1/2 has part of the terrain to hold you up, the other half, you can fall through and parachute across the map in.

If you jump over the fence in the back, you will find a neat little tunnel between the house and garage.


  • Suburban
  • InkInc Tattoos
  • O'deas Pharmacy
  • Ammunation
  • Nelsons General Store
  • GoPostal
  • Davis Hardware

The only shops you can go into here, are Suburban, InkInc, and Ammunation.

South inlet

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lol it looks like a giant smiling cyclops leaf

whats better is that its hanging in my room

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