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Your best moments in Los Santos


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So I feel like I need to make this topic for some reason.. I don't know why. It's like in inner force in me... telling me to write a topic. Anyways, I feel like we should all step back and appreciate some of the best moments we've had in GTA: Online. So.. what's your best moment in Los Santos? (preferably Online since this is.. well.. the Online forum)


I'll start.... I was going about, doing my own thing in a random Online lobby. I went to LSC to modify a new car I got when all of a sudden these two random dudes pull out of nowhere... in a light blue tour bus with stars on it...


There's one guy driving and another on the top air thrusting like a boss, so I say "Alright I'll join". Next thing you know we're going around the city air thrusting on the top of a tour bus picking up random people to join is in our reign. It was awesome. But of course we just had to get dive bombed by a lazzer. :)


I guess kind of a dull story, but a start.



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Hanshot 420th

That time I crashed my Lazzer into a Tour Bus with a bunch of Homo's air thrusting on top

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To be honest the best times were about the first 2 weeks I played. Everything was new and there was always somewhere new to explore or discover.

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