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Digital Download question PS3


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I've already posted this in Troubleshooting, but I can't wait 5 days for an answer.


Does the PSN (non-disc) version still have pop in, lagging issues still?


My PS3 is f*cked up and won't read the discs anymore but I can still play games that I downloaded onto the system.


All I can find are articles written two days after the game came out and nothing more recent.


I'd like to know preferably from somebody that has the digital version.

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GTA V broke the record for PSN sales, I believe plenty of people here have the digital version.

Nowhere in your answer, did you answer my question.

I refuse to buy parts for an outdated system, so I really don't care what you experience. I just want a good answer.

Give me an answer, not silly remarks.

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